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Kelley Edelblut’s substantial knowledge of proven leadership principles combined with her keen ability to listen to her clients and delineate out issues for personal growth are beyond compare! She is truly a stalwart for leadership growth.

A. M.

Sioux City, Iowa

I wanted express my sincere gratitude for your career coaching and mentoring.

When I reflect back on our time together, it is remarkable what has happened to me, both professionally and personally, in such a relatively short time.

I started with the expectation that I would be given some personalized career advice that I might find useful later in my career. Instead, I have been offered a temporary promotion at work, and have a clear direction of where my career is headed.

Additionally, I have a fresh self-awareness on why I am successful at a variety of functions at my job and how to remedy the deficiencies I have. In my personal life, I have lost over 47 lbs and will be debt free by this December!

I believe your career coaching is directly related to the success I have had in my professional and personal life. I have gone through a literal transformation and I am very grateful.

Thanks again for all your help, and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.



Kelley Edelblut was very dedicated and involved with me during our coaching journey. She was genuine and flexible, and was available and transparent at all times.

She always pushed me to stretch outside my comfort zone to reach my goals, which assisted me in having an incredibly rewarding experience, which also brought about improved confidence and life balance.

C. B.

Charleston, South Carolina

Kelley has been outstanding in facilitating and keeping me motivated for a career change. I had some ideas when we started but would not have made this level of progress in this short time frame, unless she had been there coaching me forward


Oslo, Norway

At my first appointment with Kelley, I knew that she was the right person to help me with my business life and also with my personal life. I explained my complicated situation to her and she listened and acted with exercises that caused me to think deeply about myself and how I could improve.

What I realized was that the more honest I was, the better results I received. She gave me “homework” every time we met and she followed up every meeting with an e-mail to me re-capping our time together and her thoughts.

I owe Kelley a debt of gratitude for sticking with me through several difficult situations, staying positive for me and opening doors I would not have explored on my own. She brings to this job her own life experiences which have proved very helpful to me. She is a wonderful Coach and I have already recommended her to many of my friends.

A. P.

Bethesda, Maryland

I began working with Kelley just a few months before my college graduation. I had no plans, no job lined up, and essentially no clue where my life was supposed to go once I received my diploma.

Deciding to work with Kelley and allowing myself to voice my fears and insecurities may have been the best decision I have made.

Through Kelley’s guidance, I learned an incredible amount about myself. I learned to take risks, to truly think from different perspectives and discover the answers she told me I already had.

Kelley helped me find the clarity and confidence I so desperately needed to proactively make decisions and balance my life.

I am now living in a completely new city where I knew no one. I am working in an industry that I only used to dream about.

My life is now an extreme adventure, and I genuinely owe it all to Kelley! This whole process has been so enlightening and I know I will continue to benefit and grow from everything Kelley taught me and gave me.


K. B.

Austin, Texas

Kelley Edelblut spent so much time and effort with me during my coaching journey. I thoroughly enjoyed her process and relished the experience.

The clarity she helped me find for more direction in my career has been invaluable.

Kelley has a way of drawing things out from deep inside my subconscious I didn’t know were possible. I would never have found the answers I had within myself, had it not been for Kelley’s help to reveal them. The accountability she provided was so helpful and made progression much easier.

I think I am in a much more clear and positive place than I was before and I have Kelley to thank for that.

I am now headed in a very good direction and think I have many tools to help me get there. In fact, within a few months of completing my work with Kelley, I was promoted to Vice President of my firm.

I don’t know how or if that would have been possible without her help in motivating and focusing in on me. It was truly a pleasure to take this journey with her. When I feel lost in the future, Kelley will be my first call.

S. F.

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Just over a year ago I consulted with Kelley at Pathways to the Future. I was about to turn 50 and very determined to make some lifestyle changes, in particular a career change.

From the start, Kelley was a joy to work with. Her preliminary interview questions really forced me to examine my goals, values, strengths, and weaknesses. This process was neither quick nor easy, but invaluable. Every step of the way, I felt that Kelley cared. She really wanted me to succeed with my goals!

Kelley is a superb listener and an equally superb questioner. She is practical and down-to-earth with real life experience. She was willing to introduce me to other people with similar goals and circumstances who offered valuable advice.

To some, having a coach may seem trendy, impractical, or simply a luxury. For me, Kelley provided just what I needed: one on one mentoring and guidance that led me on a journey toward positive change.

I would highly recommend that any woman (or man) looking to take action towards change should work with Kelley at Pathways to the Future. She has been instrumental in helping me develop the life I have always wanted.

D. P.

Potomac, Maryland

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