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Meet Coach Kelley Edelblut

Kelley Edelblut is a certified Career Coach, who works with individuals, organizations, and leaders within organizations. She provides valuable coaching services that will enhance their career, team building, leadership skills, and so much more. Additionally, Kelley has proven results in successfully facilitating meetings and moderating panels. Her coaching provides clients with new perspectives on their professional goals and provides them with the tools necessary to reach their objectives.

Kelley guarantees her clients improved productivity and fulfillment in leading a balanced work and personal life. Through such Assessments as the Highlands Ability Battery, Hogan Assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Leadership Circle Assessment, she offers exploratory services and tests innate abilities and patterns. After understanding these clusters, Kelley’s clients are able to guide their lives and work in more productive and satisfying channels.

Her focus is to help clients gain clarity, thus facilitating the development of motivational plans of action toward implementing their purpose. In the corporate setting, her work often leads to improved accountability and productivity as well as a better corporate environment. Every client walks away excited about their future with a deepened sense of possibility. Kelley executes this process through trust-building and offering ways to explore new avenues of thought.

Kelley works with clients throughout the United States but resides in Rockville, Maryland, with her
husband Bill. She has two sons, and a daughter-in-law. Christopher is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) in New York, and his wife Karly works in aviation technology. Her son Will is a Journalist, and is also employed in New York. 

Understanding Kelley’s Qualifications And Expertise

International Coaching Federation (ICF): Kelley is proud to be a part of this global organization that advances the practice of professional coaching by setting the highest standards and building a worldwide network of trained coaching pros.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC): Kelley is one of over 17,000 coaches that have gone through the ICF’s credential programs, gaining invaluable coaching expertise and training. The ICF’s certified coaches have knowledge and skill, as well as a commitment to high professional standards and ethics.

Coaches Training Institute (CTI): CTI is a world leader in coaching training with more than 50,000 coaches around the world. Today, it trains more new coaches annually than any other coaching school worldwide. Coaches like Kelley with CTI training understand how to leverage the relationship between being and doing in order to support their clients.

My Coaching Philosophy

1. We find answers together

You are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. There is nothing wrong, broken, or needs fixing with you. I don’t have the answers, rather I ask the questions that create opportunities for your self-discovery and finding your own answers.

Two women on a video call on their laptops getting to know each other
A pre-arrival checklist with the things you'll need for your career move to New Zealand

2. The model is holistic

Co-Active coaching addresses your whole life. Central to the Co-Active Coaching model is your fulfillment, balance, and life process.

3. It’s your agenda

The agenda comes from you. You are in charge and the coaching relationship is focused on you getting the results you want. I will ensure you are always steering toward fulfillment and balance and are able to engage in the processes that support your life. I will hold your agenda and make sure it does not get forgotten.

Two women on a video call on their laptops getting to know each other
A pre-arrival checklist with the things you'll need for your career move to New Zealand

4. We work with what shows up

Your coach “dances in the moment” with you. I will coach what shows up and not work from a rigid plan. There is a fluid give and take in the lead between us. Everything that is happening is an opportunity for learning and movement.

Certifications And Affiliations

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