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The difference between effective and ineffective meetings is great facilitation. Oftentimes confused with training, facilitation assumes that you already have the requisite skills and knowledge to carry on a conversation during a meeting, workshop, or consultation event. At that point, someone needs to spark the conversation and make sure it is as productive as possible. A facilitator will set the tone of the meeting, help brainstorm and gather information, and provide some much-needed clarity amongst participants. If you’ve ever come out of a meeting feeling no one “clicked,” then a facilitator may be just right for you.

Kelley’s facilitation is inclusive, meticulously organized, and flexible in order to maximize results and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She will endeavor to engage all participants and issues, achieving your meetings’ objectives in the shortest time with the most enjoyment possible.

Kelley’s facilitation skills will be beneficial at any of the following:

  • Planning and strategy meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Retreats
  • Group meetings


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