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It is more common than you may realize for a job to become stagnant or uninteresting. Every day, people become disenfranchised from their work for any number of reasons, whether it’s because the work has changed, the company has merged with another, outstanding personal circumstances have come to the light, or burnout has set in. Additionally, upon graduation of college or post-graduate, some young adults struggle to find the right career path. It is for these reasons that so many people are asking themselves that one important question:

“Where do I go from here?”

The answer to this question will often vary. For some people, it’s a career change or a need to approach their current role differently. For the young adult, it might be just identifying the best career path considering interests and educational background. Change could be desirable, but often times it can seem so far away or even unachievable. Kelley understands that any kind of change is often met with a mix of fear and apprehension, and that is where she can assist through career coaching.

In working with clients to develop a career plan, Kelley uses the Highlands Assessment as her foundational test. It tests an individual’s natural abilities. Kelley then takes those known abilities and forms natural career profiles, which is important because it allows an individual to be in a career that is easier than one that does not incorporate his/her natural abilities. When Kelley talks with clients about different profiles including natural abilities, she can then start bringing into the plan other factors like skills, interests, personal style, values and goals. This is just an example of the process Kelley utilizes to achieve the best career coaching results possible.

Kelley will help you:

  • Gain perspective on dealing with the upcoming changes in your work life
  • Balance your dreams and aspirations with reality
  • Decide whether it is best to stay or leave your current position
  • Improve your overall work performance and job satisfaction
  • Build relationships, teamwork, and work quality
  • Gain a higher level of positivity in your life
  • Develop a strategy for the future that YOU want


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