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My name is Kelley Edelblut. My goal is to increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of successful people.

With a wide range of certifications that support my coaching, coupled with years of experience means that I have the tools and expertise necessary to provide my clients —including individuals, organizations, and executives within large organizations— with the highest standards of professional coaching services. I provide my knowledge and services to those with an interest in bettering themselves professionally to reach the next level of their professional goals. For organizations, I also work with groups and one-on-one with employees to help sharpen leadership skills, improve employee accountability, and facilitate meetings to name just a few services I offer.

The work I do promotes growth, allows goal-setting, and accountability toward meeting the goals, and deepened learning along the way. If you wish to know more, the site has plenty of information for you to peruse. You will find information on my background and the full range of services that I provide, as well as testimonials from previous clients and my contact information.

It is my sincere hope that if you are seeking clarity in your professional life or want to achieve the next level of success in your career, you will get in touch with me for a FREE consultation. We will discuss your needs, and then formulate a plan to help you achieve your highest ambitions.

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“Kelley has been outstanding in facilitating and keeping me motivated for a career change. I had some ideas when we started but would not have made this level of progress in this short time frame, unless she had been there coaching me forward.”
S.K, Oslo, Norway
“I would highly recommend that any woman (or man) looking to take action towards change should work with Kelley at Pathways to the Future. She has been instrumental in helping me develop the life I have always wanted.”
D.P., Potomac, MD
“Kelley Edelblut spent so much time and effort with me during my coaching journey. I thoroughly enjoyed her process and relished the experience. The clarity she helped me find for more direction in my career has been invaluable.”
S.F., Chevy Chase, MD
“Kelley Edelblut’s substantial knowledge of proven leadership principles combined with her keen ability to listen to her clients and delineate out issues for personal growth are beyond compare! She is truly a stalwart for leadership growth.”
Sioux City, Iowa